CAETLIN Recessed Single Mirror Door Medicine Cabinet w/ Outlet

CAETLIN Recessed Single Mirror Door Medicine Cabinet w/ Outlet 

CAETLIN Collection’s Medicinehaus Medicine Cabinets are the perfect integration of storage and luxury for your bathroom. Made of easy to clean, corrosion resistant anodized aluminum, this is the ultimate choice. The Medicinehaus recessed medicine cabinet has a single door with a double-faced mirror that has an inlaid light on both sides, controlled with blue lit LED power/dimmer to provide you with light all the way around. Complete with a mirror-faced back wall, an electrical outlet, and adjustable glass shelves, this is the final touch of luxury for your bathroom, creating the absolute focal point for any decor.

  • Recessed

  • Single Door

  • Double Faced Mirror door with inlaid LED light on both sides

  • Mirror faced back wall

  • Two height adjustable shelves

  • 110-degree soft-closing hinges

  • Electric power outlet & Blue lit LED Button & dimmer for light