ANABELLE Dual Mirrored Door Medicine Cabinet w/ USB, & Bluetooth

Whitehaus Dual Mirrored Door Medicine Cabinet w/ USB, & Bluetooth


ANABELLE Collection's ANABELLE Medicine Cabinets are the perfect integration of storage and technology for your bathroom. Made of easy to clean, corrosion resistant anodized aluminum, enjoy a completely new experience with the medicine cabinet that really has it all. Stylish and highly functional, these surface-mount cabinets have the ability to play your favorite music via USB, SD Card, Bluetooth or FM radio through its built-in speakers. ANABELLE medicine cabinets also come equipped with an inner door plug outlet, defogger, blue-lit LED power button and a dimmer for the framed lighting around the cabinet. double-faced mirror door, mirror faced back wall, two height adjustable shelves and soft-closing hinges are the final touch, making Musichaus the ultimate choice for any décor.

  • Surface mount

  • Two double faced mirrored doors & mirror faced the back wall

  • USB, SD Card, Bluetooth Compatibility, FM Radio & 4 built-in Speakers

  • Electrical Outlet, Defogger

  • Blue-lit LED power button & dimmer for light on the front

  • Two height adjustable shelves

  • 165-degree soft-closing hinges