LaToscana Perlato Mandia Lapistone Soaker Tub

LaToscana Perlato Mandia Lapistone Soaker Tub



L x 30" W x 215/8" H

Artistry meets function in the Mandia tub’s arresting appearance. Its chic, asymmetrical silhouette slopes dramatically on one end for ultimate comfort and ultimate dazzling grandeur.

Freestanding solid-surface Eco-LapistoneTM bathtub
Streamlined, high-profile one-piece design
Includes polished chrome waste
Slot overflow
What is Eco-LapistoneTM?
Eco-LapistoneTM is made with plant-based material in place of fossil
resins. It is 30% lighter than original LapistoneTM and 100% recyclable
and restorable. With a luxurious velvety texture and consistent
color throughout, the non-porous composition makes these tubs
exceptionally strong as well as naturally hygienic and stain-resistant.
The superior high-heat retention properties of Eco-LapistoneTM reduce
water usage, and its production and delivery utilize less energy,
further minimizing its carbon footprint.