Adelheid counter height stool leather chair black leather

Featuring a medium lack colored, high-quality leather seat, the Adelheid is a counter height stool that is stylish and comfortable. The leather seat flaunts a horizontal stitch to it which adds a touch of luxury to your space. The intricately designed, umber comfortable leather seat is mounted on a matte black metal frame which guarantees stability. The metal frame on the Adelheid also serves as a foot rest which adds to the functionality factor of the piece. A combination of leather and metal accents, unparalleled comfort and stunning visuals make the Adelheid a highly recommended piece for spaces based on the Industrial or Industrial Loft Modern style of design.

Size 23.5L x 17.0W x 37.0H
Length 23.50 (59.69 cm)
Width 17.00 (43.18 cm)
Height 37.00 (93.98 cm)
Weight 26.24 (11.90 kg)